About DTS Asset Solutions

DTS Asset Solutions was created by a small group of individuals who all come from different specialties in the collections industry. They are all well respected and excel in their personal disciplines. These individuals found each other over years of working together in various aspects of their lives and professional settings. The idea was to combine each of their skill sets and provide an all in one service. The result has been a commercial collection agency that is second to none. From the time you place an account with our agency; our investigators will assess your account and acquire the needed information and resources to aide in the collection process. It will then be assigned to an agent that is best suited for the individual account. These agents specialize in customer service and approach every case with an eye on the end result.  For those extremely difficult cases that simply cannot be resolved, our in house attorneys will see those cases through the litigation process. DTS Asset Solutions is designed so that once you place an account with us, you can be assured that every effort will be made to recover your funds and let you focus on running your business.